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StarTrekkin Encore!

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I know I know, it was submited already, BUT! I have been recieving email saying that ppl cant find it. So I am submiting it again so these ppl can view it. Those of you who sent me emails, here it is, just for you. Also, this movie was #2 in the daily top 5 on saturday july 7th 2002.

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What a funny coincidence! I just happened to be watching the Syfy Channel where they were showing a "Star Trek" marathon. Granted, it was with the new generation with "First Contact", but still. I do think the credits were a bit too long. Was that girl Kirk was banging underage?

It's just always good to hear this song. It's so catchy. The CGI seemed really strong here. Happy 60th anniversary, you guys! Oh, I guess Daily 2nd Place didn't exist back then.


I love the animations and the Moby song at the end. The theme song gets a bit annoying, though. Good job.


End what the aliens say is hilarious.
"Clearly there is no intelligent life here."

Quite enjoyable.

I found it to be entertaining and kinda funny. I think I might just watch it again some time! The end of the song sounded the best.


I always get a kick out of this one. XD