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Lady K's Dress Up Game

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*Edit Again* This is more like a doll so for all you people it's not a real girl. So she doesn't have those vital parts (for soem of you pervs) I might end up making the underwear and bra unremovable since I get complaints.

Oh, no not another dress up game! Well, quit your whining cause it is and a pretty good decent one at that. I submitted this, since I'm still currently working on my Sim flash games which are currently not finished, so I made a dress up game to submit somethign here to newgrounds. Didn't want to make a drag and drop dress up game, so I made one where you just cycle through the clothes with the buttons. I might add another hairstyle or two and a dress later, but this game is pretty much done. People with 56k modems it'll take a couple of seconds for it to load for you.

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lady kisaragi is pretty.


What struck me as really cool In this game was how you were able to have so many cool looking things going on. It doesn't take much to know that this is well done. and you have done just that, make a great game, I am glad I checked this game submission out. Hmm so this was an alright dress-up game, the "BUTTONS" were ok but seemed kind of small so you may want to make more larger and flashier buttons, Some backround changer would also be nice, you have a good amount of items with this but the onlything is that with the button style it kind of limits in creativity, and the music on this could have been louder it was too low, but other then that it was alright. What is amazing is how there are so many differant elements in this game, but it isn't very complicated. infact its a good game, I will say that I am impressed with this game submission, You just never knew what was going to come up next in this.

Alright While there could have been some slightly better effort in improvments just a tad on some stuff here and there, It's still a pretty good game submission for what it is. just a few things to work on that i could possibly suggest some ideas below. so take a look into them. needs flashier and larger buttons, needs some backrounds, Music could be louder and have more choices, add drag and drop style


Again, I love your style... Maybe i can learn a thing or two from your art. Also, I really liked how she was just a "doll", I don't support hentai or pornography on flashes/games, so it was a very nice touch. I also liked how you placed all the clothes on a nice order with the buttons, most people just lay it around the "workplace" and it's a complete mess dragging and dropping everything on the girl, not knowing if that goes there or whatever... You're very clever, I like it.

Please keep up the good work. I'll support you all the way

LadyKisaragi responds:

Thank you. =3 Yeah, I mean I don't want people to confuse this for some hentai game. I mean if she had girl parts, it sitll wouldn't be hentai. Just a lot of jerks who get upset. Like I told them it's a dress up game not a dress down. I decided to try a drag N drop dress up. Cept it's a bit more organize.


I've said this on all of my reviews, I HATE hentai dress-ups. I'm really glad your is on the light side. I think you should make another, try drag-and-drop, its a popular kind of dress up. Keep up the good work!

pretty good.

except, you could o with givin the doll more hair styles, different types of skirts(not just denim) and overall just widen the clothes department a bit. otherwise, you did an awesome job!