Hulk Vs LOTR Cave Troll3d

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Sorry, but I had to split my movie into 2 parts because of the god damn 5 mb limit. Part 2 will come soon... Also sorry bout the pixalation. (also 5 mb limit) I hope you like my work. I animated and rendered it all in a program called animation master. I am thinking about doing a series were there is not as much moving so u can accually get a good look at my 3d greatness.


whoa awsome

so good i just cummed in my pants

Hmmm . . .

While the graphics on this were fair enough, since I'm impressed with the 3D animation skill it must have took, they were the only part that really impressed me in this. The dark setting made it rather difficult to tell what everything was and the sound was of very low quality. Everything moved a bit too slow, also. However, as I said, the rendering itself was rather impressive, and I think you have the capability of improving upon your work.


You seriously should use story-boarding in this animation.

It is really really bad.

The images need to be rendered at a higher resolution then scaled down to the small size.

complete crap

wtf is up with the slow motion? its lame and too slow, wheres the action? excuse me if there was because i closed it like halfway thru anyway, just dont make a series if its gonna look like that

A waste of time

I'm sorry to say this but after watching this I feel like I've wasted my time. Don't do slow motion, make the picture clearer (I wear glasses as it is), and maybe put a storyline with some voices in there.

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1.65 / 5.00

May 17, 2005
11:45 PM EDT
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