Insect Stings

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From the makers of "Plans to Fuck Alexis"....an educational flash!? What the hell!?

Me and neobender made this for health class. Its really short but we hope we get a good grade on it from our teacher. I hope you guys like it. I want people to remember we have a new series coming out called "Sketch Symposium".

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That hornet was very cute.

I think you ought to make that hornet into a mascot.
He is too adorable!
Anyways, you neglected to mention that hornets do not usually sting people randomly.
As someone who worked with insects, I know they sting when swatted at, sat on, or provoked.
But other than that, I like this flash just cause the hornet was so fucking cute.
Make that a mascot for your website!
I love that little wasp!

wow ^_^

thx for teaching me what to do when someone is stung by an insect and are having an alergic reaction

And now i know and knowing is half the battle(G.I.Joe theme song playing in background)

Ryan-Smith responds:

Haha, if Family Guy hadn't already done that I would totally have put that in a cartoon.


yes terminator the stinger gets stuck in the skin ripping out the insects intestines the stinger does this so it can continue to pump a very mild toxin into you. I dont know why there are educational videos on newgrounds but Ill be damned if I let this continue!!! lol

Ryan-Smith responds:

well you can't stop the madness.

it was ok

when a bee stings you i dont think they leave their stinger inside you.

Ryan-Smith responds:

yeah they do, we did the damn project, i think we would know


Yo dicks be da best satan.

Ryan-Smith responds:

ooh yeah!

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May 17, 2005
12:51 AM EDT
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