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It took weeks (mostly because I wasn't dong anything for half the time), but I finally made it. Most of you will find something in this offensive, so know this:
THIS DOES NOT REFLECT MY VIEWS ON THE SUBJECTS. My opinion follows the scenes in the short commentary.

Special Thanks to DropTrou, who origionally had a much bigger part, but due to his busy schedule was not able to record his voice.

I got a new mic halfway through making this, so you might hear the quality of the voices get better about halfway through.
Also, I don't know why the song in the credits sounds so bad.
There were some small animation errors I wasn't able to fix for some reason. It was perfect in the flash file, then messed up when I published it.

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Not really offensive...

Mind you this is coming from an atheist on the edge of nihilism with no real morals/principles but whatever. I found it a bit weird that the kid in part 3 had what appeared to be the same voice as the pedophile from Family Guy, not dissing the voice or anything, just commenting. Also I have to say that it's not your fault that I'm not giving a 10 it's just because I hate Monty Python's Meaning of Life, the style of which appears to have influenced this flash.

that. was. fucking. hilarius.

that was funny as hell. You lied when you said it was offensive.
That was the funnyest damn flash ive seen here in a while.
Try more touchy subjects, like now new orleans.
well, actually thats funny, because you gotta be stupid to live where french people settled.
Who the fuck puts a city in a swamp?

Bitterness, thy name is liberal

(Not that we don't have reason to be, srrzly.)

A very funny and all around good flash. I completely agree with your sentiments on gay marriage and child abuse, though I would like you to keep in mind that not all abortions are performed in the second trimester by psychotic doctors with baseball bats. Adoption is better in one mentality, but would you want a kid to grow up knowing that they were a rape child? Hell, if it were me, I'd have killed myself already.

But generally, this was a very funny and creative flash. I like your style and I like your message: kudos to you.


I...like your animation style...i can tell you can probably be neater
(if not, then get a tablet if you dont already have one)
but i liked it. wasn't the best cartoon, but i want to see more. MAKE SEQUELS!

bluuurgh. wussie.

Not by far the most offensive flash created. Way too apologetic for that. But a fairly good movie none the less.

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3.99 / 5.00

May 17, 2005
12:18 AM EDT
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