Natures Food Chain

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The food chain is a strange and ever changing thing. Do you really know where you are on the food chain? This is my second submission to newgrounds. I welcome comments to help me learn!
EDIT: I reloaded an altered version with the suggestions of you guys.. it's just a few clean ups and image changes. Thanks for all of your help!


nothing special

boring really, not much to it.

i dont get it...

...or is it just crap? cos if you meant for it to be crap, you succeeded with flying colors...speaking of solors you should try to have more than 3 in your (lets hope its not too soon) next submission


it's nice not much new stuff but it's good. 'nuff said.


When push comes to shove, all everything and everyone is a predatory animal - so when a bird has it's sights set on a mouse, who will become victorious in the outcome. To be honest, I have seen similar shock endings like this one before, so it is nothing really new - but that is not such a big deal. What is important is that even if the idea has already been done, did the you the author give this some new spin? I would like to think so in the fact that the hawk-esqe creature was unique in design and the amount of joy I get out of seeing a mouse moon one is just hilarious. The artwork could use a little touching up here and there, but other wise everything is good.


starkravenmadd responds:

thanks ryanan.. yes it has been done before, and perhaps my version is or is not a new twist, but i can tell you that the folks i have showed it to in person all laughed there arses off, and thats enough twist for me! woot! like i told the review before this one, shakespeare has written everything before so why create at all?? just for the joy of creating...
i see you caught onto the mooning mouse, im afraid my art is lacking and my choices of mooning-mouse clips were void.. i did my best..
thanks again!


you ripped the idea off'v the spongebob squarepants movie,just different setting.(or at least thats what i think)

starkravenmadd responds:

shakespeare has already writen every thing so why even try to create?? geesh...

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May 16, 2005
9:07 PM EDT
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