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Bathing and Showering

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This is why bathing and showering is important.

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Not so mch why..did u make it?, But more why..do i find it funny, o well who cares why, i just do. U have a wierd kind talent, u seem to make things that are funny just shouldnt be, people who disagree are all assgoblins an can lick my starfish!

PowerRangerYELLOW responds:

awesome, glad you liked it.

So.....Rita finally destroys the earth?

You really should put some more thought into the content of your movies, and some actual effort wouldn't hurt either. I'm still looking through your submissions and collaberations, and still have yet to find anything that takes talent to make.


This is better than the other movies that you've done. At least you put some information in there.
But no one gives a fuck about the power rangers. Only stupid little kids watch them, and you need to accept that.
The power rangers suck my clit. And badly, I might add.
And this video actually has nothing to do with them, so why the hell are you putting this on the front of your movie? To show what a freak you are? As a girl, I can tell you right now, you're never going to get laid doing lame crap like this.


after seeing the gayest showdown... i had to see something else of yours to see if it all sucked terribley, and i was correct you got 1 in sound because there was some stupid song palying.

3 humor cuz this was so gay lmao

rofl...power ranger noobs...whahaha how gay whaha