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NOTE:-u start on stage 10 in this version, you can start on stage 1 by pressing the 'Reset score' button.
- You can turn the music off in game now.
- ARRGGHH!!! looks like theres still a big bug. Sorry guys, no more updates for now. I gotta make something new.


Lets talk about break IT

*--_--(Summary)--_--* Abstract___

Break it is a game where we try to break bricks with our elite breaking ball. we bounce this ball with our paddle and hope to break all the brick on the stage. powerups are given and they have various positive and negative effects. There are even some that make it possible to shoot at the brix my favorite.


When playing breakit youll find that its extremly addictive. As the ball bounces around and the bar slides Ur pwning bricks in no time. This is due to the excellent controls. the mouse works great for this game and really is the best way it could have been done. You might also notice that the edges of the paddle flip up (or down) giving you more control than most games of this kind.

-ART & sound-
Next you will notice the stylish music and art. Though simple these backgrounds work perfectly for the genre of game and the colors are nice enough to keep you entertained. The sound is a lil repetitive but also fits well and is great for this genre.

Now so far the game is amazing until you hit the first bug. this is where this game loses all its pts. the bugs are huge sometimes even stopping you from playing entirely and can turn anyone off immediatly. sometimes the bricks are invisible sometimes they just wont break and that really makes me wanna break break it.


So overall this game is good it just needs a lil work. Its definetly front page material and i been lookin at flash for quite some time. The problems that this game has had have however plagued it since the beta version And it doesnt seem like they will ever be totally werked out. so I give this game a three.... its got alot of promise but the work that it needs is just too glaring and too much antidisestablishmentarianism well i just wanted to use that word but i think you get my drift.... lool w00t and rox0r P.i.m.p WOOOOOOT

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Fantasticly similar but different

A new twist to an old classik!


haha, havnt seen one of THESE in a long time!

Its was a really fun game

This game was fun i really liked it. If u fix the glitchs it would be a perfect 10

Hey, a good brick wannabe!

This is really good, the motion of the thing at the bottom made it cooler, and the speed of the ball made it more intense. Theres that glitch in level 11, but you know that. The music wasn't half bad either. My only problem is that glitch really, so good job.

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3.84 / 5.00

May 13, 2005
6:20 PM EDT
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