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Burnt Face Man 3

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The 3rd of many Burnt Face Man cartoons. I've got a domain for Burnt Face Man now www.burntfaceman.com

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yey, emnger menn

this might be my favorite one becasue of mega man intro when you start to play a level

I liked the Gay Adventures thing at the end. Was that always there? Anyway, this was really fun. I especially love the part where Bastard Man tries to say it was Burnt Face Man's fault. I mean, he really has no backup for that claim. Didn't like the golden shower though.

Those names were actually pretty bad. Burnt Face Man doesn't seem to have many powers. I love the "Mega Man" shout out. Glad to see this still getting reviews. Well, sort of.

This was definitely my favorite episode of the series

It smells like Bacon cooked in piss!

Also Angry Man! *Mega Man Select*

''shit bitch'' LOL