The PowderPuff Boys!

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Hey Guys.
This is the first in an ongoing series. Future episodes will establish character development, origins, etc. This one is just to indroduce the team and slight personalities.
Took your suggestions and made the sound better.

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as i know, its ROWDYRUFF boys, thats gay son, so gay (did i used the right meme?)

what kind of mind fuckery is this?
it made me laugh, but it also made me mad, and i takes a lot for me to get that feeling
ppg is cool, ppb is weird/creepy/unlikeable

your wak MAN POWERPUFF BOYS why i otha

Still1 episode!?!?

I've watched this for three years and u still have 1 episode. Please make more. This show is COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ummmm is this supposed to make sense?

I'm sorry. I didn't get this Flash at first and now that I'm 13 and already have "seen too much", I get everything. Sort of. But I think the base of this Flash is, the Powderpuff Boys are supposed to be gay. Not that I have anything against gays, but seriously... the voices, the colors, the plot, ALL GAY! Also, I have a feeling that you traced the pictures of the PPB from the PPG. Nobody can draw THAT well... can they?
That "scene missing" clip is so overused.
Why was this rated Everyone at one point?
And why did you make them have different outfits? The PPG and RRB had like matching outfits, but you gave them hats and bandannas and scarfs and mustaches and a freakin' BODYSUIT! It makes an ounce of sense though...

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3.64 / 5.00

Jul 6, 2001
9:58 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody