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Note: Dont know if anyone noticed it.. but there is an extra movie when you click on Extra's....

Heya People

I found some of my old clay movies on a cd somewhere, thats why i bring you... Clay DVD

It contains 8 of my old clay movies (some of them you might have seen if you are comming to newgrounds for over a year) and one whole new movie.

All movies together are 5.5 minutes of animation.
The menu is entirely made out of clay, gives it a nice touch :P

Anyways, hope you like it :D
If you dont like clay movies, then dont watch of course :P

Don't complain about the filesize... remember.. it has over 5 minutes of AVI video in it :P

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I'll have to find that flash claymation tutorial.

cool :-D

i think the whistle movie should be submitted to NG on its own cause it rocked ( and i want to make a movie like it called the cheezitz ) also it was original. and i liked the usage of fatboy slim and blur in the movies.

your movies rock. difference touched me,so did freedom,the videotape was original ( what was that song in the intro called?)
and the tutorials are very helpful(i've always wanted to make clay flashes!)
you are the best. (also, have you ever collabirated with knox,cause i thought you did a movie together. )


Nice one, im gonna be doing a claymation set to S.O.A.D Radio/Video.

P.s Shutup the person below me (:..:) u Frooblet, id like to see you make a claymation much better than his one! PPS Knox rules too PPPS i like pie lol :P

i agree

i agree with the guy under it sucked horribly!!!!!!!



gay homoastic

these are the stidest clay animations ever

go go go knox

you suke gamehomo