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Update: Here's the rerelease of "Robby's Piece Of Mind" Part one. no more subtitles and a cooler door look to the brain chamber. and thanx to all the emails, part two is almost complete!!! stay tuned, we think it's funnier than part one anywayz. thanx as always! you guys rock our socks off!

Update: Wowie! 5th place?! how cool. thanx for watching. there'd be no reason to flash if there was no one to flash for. you guys rock.

Stu and Ben spend the day slipping on spilled orange juice. The sweet old irish janitor, Robby, takes something fairly important. Shut-up and watch it already.

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Heh ...

Your stuff kicks so much ass ...

tonyfuzz responds:

well we're calling it's parents immediatley. there will be no rough housing on this playground.


it was intertaining very good guys ive been watching ur shit since ur first toon when it was on frontpage your stuff is really funny I loved the irish guy do u guys have any idea when episode 2.2 will be done?

tonyfuzz responds:

VERY SOON! YOU'RE THE COOLEST FOR ASKING!!! thanx dude, i needed to hear that. you rock. -tony

No bad!

...but, why was the Irish guy wearin a kilt?

tonyfuzz responds:

because many Irish clans have worn kilts, as have the Scotts, for centuries. told.

Just a couple of things...

Overall, this was a very good flash. There were however, a couple of things that bothered me. While I realize there is a need for subtitles, we should be given the option of whether or not we desire them. It is quite distracting, as the eyes are automatically drawn to them. The audio is done well, so unless someone is hearing impaired, there is no need for them. Hence, the option. Okay, and I know this is trifle, but the mop looked like a paintbrush. One last thing...the scene change between the intestines and the brain is TOO long. It seemed to be about 15 seconds, and I started to think the flash was incomplete, or over. Anyway, keep up the great work!!!

tonyfuzz responds:

Let me see what i can do about those subtitles.


i laughed quite a bit, you did a good job. your art skills arent up to par yet......
but you have good material. keep it up!

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3.63 / 5.00

May 9, 2005
12:31 AM EDT
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