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MGS3: Boss Failures

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6-29-05: Boss Failures finally got into the collections pages. The new collections system Tom set up is working great!

5-9-05: Front page?! Awesome! Thanks, Newgrounds!

Finally. it's done! I started this back in March and I'm finally done! YAY! Anyway, sorry about the filesize. I had to even remove some features and pop down the audio quality to get it under 5mb.

If you're unfamiliar with Metal Gear Solid 3, the game is based around Naked Snake who confronts some oddly named bosses such as The Fury and The Pain. These are the Metal Gear Solid 3 boss tryout failures. Enjoy and leave a review!

Easter Egg Hint: Press the arrow keys during the preloader!

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Wow, the credits were pretty long. I've never played the games, but have seen enough parodies to understand it. I especially like the animation. The voices are so funny. My favorite would be the Boxeater. Well, he is the guy who goes on the most.

Why'd you have to insult Ang Lee like that in the credits? Oh yeah, I looked at the comments. I'm not that familiar with the various bosses. It makes more sense this way. The artwork could be a bit better, but it still works well.

LOL at The Boxeater! That's pretty original and fits perfectly in a parody like this.

The The?...That's fucking retarded
XD lmfao

here's snake's



that was amazing i loved the beginning and you should try my wife snake swollower