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Eternal Complexity

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Author Comments

First off all, for the Easter Egg's bonus, you need to have the Dunkin' Donuts font (from here http://www.sharkshock.co
m/fonts/dunkin.zip), after installed refresh the flash.

Ever wondered what's inside the proton and the neutron? What's outside the universe? Well, now you can still wonder!
(But you'll see it a bit clearer :)
In this flash, you will see how complex the existance is; try thinking while watching about how many actually are there from each part, if I chose only few to show you.

And remmember this about the numbers that presents the zooming: I have no idea what I did there.

Have fun!

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that was................................we ird <(0_o)>

Very very good

Well done, i never really see anything good in the portal anymore, and if its good graphic wise its definatly dosnt have a story, this on the other hand was great. Made me think and wonder. Well done, and thanks for a great 4mins 41 seconds.

carmelhadinosaur responds:

You think so? :o Thanks alot!

Very good, deep and original.

At first I wasn't too sure what was going on and I thought it seemed a little pointless, but once you got up to New York City I saw what you were up to and I began to enjoy it. Then when you got really far in, all the way to the end, i thought you were just going to stop there, but you didn't you went all the way back out again and added in a little storyish kind of sequence at the end and had some deep meaningful messages which again made it even better. Well done, this was very meaningful and a really good movie too.

Lots Of Love, Rebecca Rose

carmelhadinosaur responds:

Thanks!! Glad you enjoyed :)

woah! that was deep

I like the 3-D stuff. I like the randomness of it all as well.
The movie traveled along at a nice pace. That was well done. Not to fast to be confusing but just enough time to comprehend the visuals.
The text about "what has a beginning has and end" and vice/verus was really interesting and deep. I had to ponder that a bit and I quite agree. It is a simple but true statement.
There is a nice element of extra features on this flash too. I like that. I like the way you put your alais at the top of the flash on the left.
I liked the zoom feature thingy at the bottom even tho you say you don't know what you did.
I like how you portrayed the universe. It really is a big place but not so complex really. Its just hard to comprehend as we are just a grain of sand on a really big beach. I prefer to think we are but a tear, a piece of fabric, off the real universe which is so big we can't even see it. Sort of like not seeing the forest for all the trees.
Good job on this Carmel. Your art is always eye pleasing, and your flash always is entertaining. Good luck!

carmelhadinosaur responds:

This review makes me want to do another flash instead of advancing into 3D :(


Note: In my review of your flash "Cartman Drawing" I mispelled 'crop' and instead put 'crap'. Sorry about that :$

Now adays we see the same things come into the portal over and over again. This, however, is different. The drawings were superb and the animation was great! I liked the concept and, despite my gead hurting from the Eternal Complexity, genuinly liked this flash. In terms of improvement, since something like this hasn't been yet before (to my knowledge) there isn't much advice I can give you. Simply an overall good flash! Well done!

carmelhadinosaur responds:

Lol crap :D
There actually were two things, one differnet from this one on NG, and one on a site with zoomed out pictures. Saw them after I made it o'course :P

Credits & Info

3.83 / 5.00

May 7, 2005
2:42 PM EDT