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Spaced Out! (Pilot)

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This is the pilot episode of Spaced Out, a soon-to-be long-running series. This is also my first real Flash.

In this episode, Captain Leader (a space captain), Stan (a freaky anthropomorphic cat), and Robo-Bob (a robot who likes to hit people) get pulled over and contemplate unregistered license plates.

EDIT: Wow, cool! Front page! Thanks everybody! And not even two hours after I uploaded this!

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bob fuck

Overall, this was pretty interesting.

that was easy

"Then I shall make it harder."


Much better than the second one you made

Still not great, everythings too slow and the jokes are just forced, stolen and generic.
You need a script writer.

grim-studios responds:

Wow. I guess you CAN be constructive in your reviews. I do see the slow pacing. That's one thing I'm trying to fix in this next one. What I don't see are these stolen/generic jokes you're referring to.
(Are you talking about the "Bikini Inspector" bit? I guess that'd be one, but you say "jokes," as in plural. Where's another? Seriously. I want to know. PM me.)
I've learned a lot more about animation since 2A's completion, so watch the next one and see if it's any better.

Wowee Nice!

Very well put together for a first real flash, and the intro credits!!!!!

Jesus christ it's been long since i heard that hip hop ejay stuff!

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4.29 / 5.00

May 6, 2005
12:19 PM EDT