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Making fun of all those crappy madness remakes. Attention people! Many people don't realize this is only suppose to be a joke, making fun of the crappiness. Yeah so maybe I'm probably making fun of myself because I wouldn't have the skills to make such better. That's not the point! >=( Just laugh!


It was good

But needed to keep going. And the voice sound just sounds horrible. Don't keep the mic so close when you pronounce anything with an "s" in it. Jesus.
There's more you needed to state here. Like the generic over used plotline, and the redone violence, and the same lame gun sound effects from CounterStrike, etc.

I gotta say

I agree, and that did have me laughin like a school girl :)

I had to give the graphics a one...

but lotflmfao!! I totally agree! No more madness remakes!! YAY!! I voted a 5 to keep this alive!

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Ha ha great...

A masterpiece....its about time someone gave everyone a hint...leave the flash making to the people that are good at it....its a shame newgrounds users dont read the actual info more often....this is awesome..keep it up!

Mistallious responds:

Yes! And thank you...


this is what newgrounds needs! this is my style! of course people hate it, people on newgrounds are ass holes. there are 1:100 people that READ things on the page, like comments, text in the movie, hell, even the title! i, my friend, am one of those 1:100. don't listen to those other guys; they're shitface-cockmasters.

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Mistallious responds:

Yes! I knew only but a few would truly appreciate it and that many wouldn't find the humor or even care to try and understand it... thank you for understanding and enjoying it. You are 1:100 and the other 99 out of 100 are... well...what you said...

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2.16 / 5.00

May 2, 2005
10:22 PM EDT
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