Arch vs Mystic Deluxe Ed.

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I animated this last year, but re-touched it recently. It's part of a longer animation which I made while I was disgruntled with overdrive06, but no I completely regret making it.

-Mystic is the co-owner of overdrive06.net and the owner of the up-and-coming bulletproofproductions.c
om. He is a badass hip hop artist so check him out.
-Mystic and I had a minor conflict because I was being a racist dick. But it's all cool now.
-Mystic has remained a fan of DBZ, even when most loyal fans (such as myself) gave up on the show.
-Originally I synced the animation to "Paint it Black" by the Rolling Stones. The fact that it syncs so well to Sailormoon's transformation IS PURE COINCIDENCE!
-Your mother is dead and you're fat.



Ugh, not another DBZ tribute...

Graphics: Frame-by-frame animations can only do so well.

Style: Taken from Akira Toriyama.

Sound: None

Violence: We've seen it all before.

Interactivity: Those play buttons worked perfectly.

Humor: None

mixing two cartoons

I was like ok Dragon Ball Z no problemos to watch however when it is playing along with sailor moon theme song I was in state of shock...had to give you kudo's points for ya man. Keep it up.

Looks like a parody to me ...

I thought it was pretty funny. I mean, okay DBZ is a decent show, and I've seen my fair share of episodes, but it's the same old thing episode after episode pretty much.

Anyway, I digress. Really liked this, made me laugh.


Thats very very nice!

I relly like the still.

But the sound was a little bit bad thats why the sound score is'ent to high.

and Leo_clegg shut up >=(


OMFG why why why

This really is almost as bad as that scary bear thing this does not even deserve to be shown on newgrounds or anything ever!!!!!!!!!
this has to be the worst dragon ball z piss take ever, where was the fun the sound, the thrill none of it was there go home and think again is what i say

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2.88 / 5.00

May 2, 2005
7:39 AM EDT
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