4 Tri Line Tool v1.8

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If you have some patience to figure it out, you can create some crazy stuff. It’s easier than it looks.

This is sort of an early version, and I might post another with some additions..

Key Commands:

Space: Render

Left: Reduce all points by 10
Right: Add 10 to all points
Down: Reduce all points by 1
Up: Add 1 to all points

Page Down: Disable Logo
Page Up: Enable Logo


what the hell!?

this thing is crazy.


Bloody awesome. Give me a PM if you add more buddy! ^^

C360 responds:

Thanks man. Glad you understand it = )

hey thats pretty kool

yo dont fell bad about what the other guy said. hes problably a dushbag. so. pretty kck ass!!! i fell so smart i did something right XD

C360 responds:

Yeah most people don't understand that it takes practice to make stuff and you may not get instant gratification until you get to know how to use it.


What the hell is this?

Why can't you just post a tutorial in the comment section?
This is practically impossible to use if you don't know how, and no one has the time or patience to try to understand some shitty-half-assed flash submition. Next time, finish your flash before posting it.

C360 responds:

Dude..calm down. People managed to understand it. I like to gather info on how to improve it, because people tend to think up of things that I don't think of.

There will be another version complete with a tutorial soon.

I liked it

At first it was a bit hard to use but I managed to create some cool figures with it. I hope you'll make a tutorial with everything explained though.

Oh and nice layout by the way.

C360 responds:

Nice I'll definitely do just that. Glad you enjoyed it.


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2.31 / 5.00

May 1, 2005
7:38 PM EDT
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