FFVI:The Time Before P-4

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<<UPDATE>> My first award!daily 5th place! Thx alot to Tootbook that gave me the backgrounds! Please leave a review, I respond to all of them!>>>>>>

Part4 is now here And so part5 is comming soon! Please, before watching this movie, watch part1 and part2 and part3 so you'll understand ALOT more what's happening!
It helps too when you already played final fantasy3!

I Hope that you'll like it!!!

-You can also leave me a review of how you liked it. I read all reviews and answer to all of them.

-You can also Leave a vote!!! =D



dude that is .............like so asome could u teach me how to make a flash im a newbie

good movie

it was very good. one of the best in the series so far. keep up the good job.

DanyLaporte responds:

Hehe thx alot :P! Presently doing part6... trust me, u wont want to miss it XD! Took me 5x time that took me for part5 XD its gonna be awesome :D! I Hope XD

Just great

Man this is so great. I always like to see people making movies about any Final Fantasy game and this one is great. It also anwsers some of my questions about the game instead of just guesses. Like Keffa why he was also so kreul to people now I know why even though the Square Soft people didn't think of it. Those soldiers killed his family. Anyway keep up the work. Lookin forward to the next movie :)

DanyLaporte responds:

Well thx heh, next movie, well part6 will be release real soon and will be the best ff6 movie NG have seen so far :P! Review part6! :D


make it violent with blood and gore or else u suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccckkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!! thank u >_<

DanyLaporte responds:

Well ull like Part6 then..... there lot of blood in since theres 4 fight scene...


I LOVE GAME MUSIC, you almost made me cry man, just love those goddamn songs ''cry''
omfg,.....i listen to everything, but when i heared some songs in this, i was like..omfg...i wanna go back to.....old times, ''cry''
i hate you... =(

nahh, you still rule

DanyLaporte responds:

Hahahaha!!!! Yeah these old FF songs are well chosen, this is probably what I do the best in my movies, I always use the best movie for that correspond the best for the scenes. These musics rocks!!!!

Thx alot man for the review!!!

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3.98 / 5.00

Apr 29, 2005
7:58 PM EDT
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