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Banjo-Threeie is my take on the Banjo-Kazooie series. This movie takes place after the events from the Banjo-Tooie game. Those who follow the series will definitely like and understand the movie more. I did this movie cause no one has really done a Banjo-Kazooie parody before plus I love the series and wish they'd continue on the old story timeline; not redo it like in Grunty's Revenge.

This is my version of how I thought the actual game would one day be done with pokes here and there.

I'd like to thank everyone who was in it, cause there would be no movie without you guys. Thanks to Richie for DOT Technology and flash direction.


Commentary version of this movie is also available on our website!

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this came out on my birthday

Came here after the Banjo reveal in Smash brothers.

This is truly a classic, I remember being amazed by its quality (Considering this was in 2005).
The voices and dialogue are pretty in line with the actual characters and (considering the time frame) the humor was pretty light-hearted and sincere.

Could we get an official HD release on youtube too? I think this is too good to be just on one site.

Okay, who else is trying to a: read the fine print on the elevator toll sign and b: hear Banjo's background banter in the scene where Tooty gets kidnapped? If anyone knows what either of these things are saying please tell me so I can get a kick out of it!

Also, I loved the movie, I play the original on an emulator and can do perfect impressions of all of these actors, except for Kazooie, who I had to make something up for. I also liked the pun in the end song! The one thing I would change about this is that someone could break the fourth wall, the way they do in the games. Other than that, good work Pikanjo!

I'm not a fan of the series, but this was hilarious! It was just great to see all these characters together. You even manage to give an authentic representation of the game itself. I saw some of it on "Game Grumps". The voices are amazing. My favorite part is probably when Kazooie's curse is cut short.

The animation is great too. I certainly learned a lot about the games from this. I love the references to their other games. I believe this is just like the game of course. It's great to know you worked on some great one shot stuff.

It a funny parody!
I like Splungo.