Spring time in the MK

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This is my first sumbmission.. and yes it's a sprite flash. But it has alot of funny stuff in it.. so if you hate sprite movies don't watch it and don't rate it if you didn't watch it.thanks

Well i made this just for the fun of it and i hope ppl love how it's not just sprits moving around for just the hell it.

Well Enjoy

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wait thats been done before CHILI COOK OFF

th3r3 4r3 n0 w0rd5 t0 d35cr1b3 h0w funny th4t w45. sry about that i do that sometimes anyways that was great nice job and umm about ur reveiw for 8 bit wizard ur a dumbass when drunk

calcoA responds:

thanks jake for that dragonskickass review!!! and ya im a dumbass when drunk!!! :P

Time for the big review, Calvo :D

Alright..... let's see what I can come up for this flash, lol, you should have kept some of the things I had..... :'(

Graphics: The graphics were okay in some ways, I love sprites, but you sort of animated some of it unproperly, by just throwing things around and doing some things a little too fast, that may be hard to notice if not watching carefully. I give you an 8.

Style: Your style is a mixture of humour and sprites.... usually good, but in this case, I only give you a 6 , because once again, the way you animated some parts... I give you a 6.

Sound: The sound was very satisfying, because you pulled off the Mario voice farely well, and the Arnold voice for Springman was a good choice. Although the Megaman voice sounds a little too much like you voice in real life, except it has a higher pitch then usual. I give you, a 9.

Violence: Well, since there wasn't much violence at all, it sort of brought the score down, if you had made like 30 more seconds in this flash, with a good fightscene, right before he is eaten by the fish, you would probably have a much higher score because it shows you can animate fight scenes. I give you a 6.

Interactivity: You basically ruined this part, lol, the way I had set up things for you was much better >> It probably would have gotten a higher score if you left some of the stuff I did for you the same, and just told me to change the stuff you didn't like(like the background). I give you a 2.

Humour: Haha, very good humour, and very original. The Mario kicking Megaman was funny(although a little too fast, people who weren't paying attention could have missed it). I think you had a pretty creative idea... I give you a 10!

Overall: Overall this was a preety decent flash, with fairly good animation, great humour, original idea, and actual voices. I think you did good for your first flash(although you HAVE made more ;) ). But I still say the way I had the menu and scene select set up did in fact look better(I could have changed the background you know >>). I give you, a 7.

Good job Calvo, I expect to see some good stuff from you. By the way, for some of you who have no clue why I keep on talking to him like I know him, it's because I do, he's my bro's friend, so.... yeah.... anyways I'm FINALLY done.

nice work

a nice blend of humor and action. great movie.

Hey that was good keep it up.

Only thing I didn't like is that you made Mario a moron. He's a 40 plummer so cut him some slack. Great sprite movie. Just remember Mario was a doctor too.


I just joined, but I can already tell - you're a Movie Master!

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4.07 / 5.00

Apr 28, 2005
4:16 PM EDT
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