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Dr. Shroud: BITB, Part 1

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Based on a true story in the Philadelphia area, this Dr. Shroud story is part 1 of a 3 part series. In this first part, the plot is set up when mysterious things begin with Victor Graves' assistant, Lora Gora, around the anniversary of the dissappearance of the boy scout, Gary Gribber.

this movie 8 minutes long and includes the flashback sequence, "The Mask of Victor Graves", an essential component to the overall series.

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I really liked this cartoon! I admit that I was turned off by how there didn't seem to be spoken dialogue in it at first. I am glad it changed genres. There really is a lot of stuff that goes on in this cartoon. While fairly long, it was quite worth it. The animation is so good.

It's great to see new storylines appearing. You really do set up good details. It was weird to have the title character absent from most of this. It was certainly genuinely creepy. You did a good job here!

robfeldman responds:

Thanks man! It was so long ago that I did this and glad to see you are still enjoying it!

I may be overthinking this but...

it feels like there is some irony to Dr. Shroud's story. One could say the same thing that happened to Dr. Shroud happened to his family; both had a child taken from them. (I know Horla and his wife were "bad guys" in a sense but still I'm willing to bet they cared about him) Then there's the fact that Horla is responsible (or atleast is in Shroud's mind) for Wendy being taken. I feel like there's something to these two facts I wish I could say what and I'm a bit worried this sounded better in my head than it does on the review space. Unfortunately I could probably say a lot more on this (I should put this much thought into school) which probably proves that I'm overthinking things. Sorry I can't put anything more relevant in the review either way something I like about this series and I hope it goes on for awhile.

this comment is for you Austin!

PM alright? Anyway, good series. very... mysterious.

Great job!

this is great i dont get why everyone is criticizing the music because i love it but to each his own i guess. anyway this is a great series you should keep making it.

"Wanna know how I got these scars?"

The woman's face reminds me of the Dark Knight... Anyway, the series is decent, I'm just a little bummed about the audio. The music, especially in the flashback, doesn't at all fit the scene. The voices are okay except for the fact that they are looped in places. The animation itself is very choppy, but consistently better than earlier works. Still, your story line sets you apart. I'd say it's what keeps this one in the 4's. Good luck in the future.