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This is just a demo to the game "sluggy" I am making.
There are currently no lifes and only 5 working levels.
The game will have more levels, Enemies and other powerups.

Sluggy Released - TBA

EDIT - Level 5 is now working properly :)
- Sluggy now has animation



This game is one of the best around online. It's simple yet effective; easy to control, tough to conquer. Pork, you have the potential to become the biggest game designer on the planet.
Good luck with any future projects.


It's got potential. I like the voice of sluggy. It is GLORIOUS. LOLOLOLOL. Keep up the good work PORK!

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Hokay dood. Not BAD, but not very good either. Graphics were minimal, and basically uninteresting. Try to spice it up a bit next time. Gameplay was... Boring... And your floor colision didn't always work properly. Difficulty was nil. Stylistically... I'll give you some points for staring a slug, and the voice was kinda mildly kewl. Sound, the voice was the only thing that stood out. No sound effects, and the music loops were short and repetitive and weren't even smooth transitions into themselves. Violence, null issue. Interactivity... The Controls were fine but I wasn't wowed. So fair points for that. Humor. Ehhh... It was a slug with dramatic voice. A few points.

Overall, I'm sayin' a little below average. With some plot, upgrades, more interesting maps/levels and more challenging enemies... Plus some graphics and sound overhauls, it could become a respectable game. Work for it, dood!


This game is an abysmal, boring, low-quality game. The sound sucks, and the game style is just so honestly overused. I saw nothing new. I quit at level two because the primary objective of the game pictured as something in my head like so, "Hmm, I see the two things I have to do...Move...and oh wait...Yes! Jump, I have to JUMP!". Also, the sound is almost laughable. The 10 second music loops is just bound to get on the nerves of just about anyone.

I gave you 1 point overall for effort. :D

ya, this isn't really that good

this game is so boring I barely got to the end, I wanted to quit so many times. don't bother making an actual game this is just a bad idea. make something else.

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1.98 / 5.00

Apr 26, 2005
1:07 PM EDT
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