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MMPolarity Reconstruction

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Author Comments

** PLEASE stop asking about Polarity X. I know you all are waiting for it, but I simply don't have the time to make it right now. Consider it on "permanent hiatus" until further notice. **

Left/Right - Move, Up - Jump
Space - Fire, hold to charge; Shift - Switch Polarities

**This is a CROSSOVER between Megaman and IKARUGA. For those who are saying this looks like another game, that's because it IS. It's IKARUGA.

For some bug reports, tips (some of which are spoilerish), and CHEAT CODES, click on "Read More." Please read those before commenting.

**5-17-05 - Version 1.2 has been uploaded. Along with another bug fix, this version also features an animated shield change. Also, since people were abusing it, the "free" part of the Instant Kill feature has been removed.

Here it is, after many months, trials, and betatesters later. I learned how to make this game as I went along, and I'm proud of the result. I tried to combine as many elements from both of the games as I could.

The game goes through 5 chapters, and the storyline takes place between Polarity 2 and Polarity 3. I spent a lot of time working on it, so I hope you all enjoy it.

**Known Issues - or "things I know about already so quit mentioning them plz k thx"**
In the first node room of Chapter 03, the wind blower can have the tendency to blow you into a wall, if that happens, use the instant kill function. My suggestion is to shoot blue energy at him from the moment you enter the room to avoid that from happening until I can correct this.

Speaking of the instant kill option, use it if necessary, but don't abuse it. I made it to where you could use it and not lose a life based on something that basically wasn't your fault.

All Chapters: Firing the opposite energy polarity at an enemy will destroy it quicker. This is in the instructions but it's worth mentioning again.

Chapter 02: If you're having trouble with the energy pillars, lasers, beams, whatever you call them - keep in mind that they psuh you slightly in the direction they travel. So, if they are traveling upward towards spikes, it's probably not a good idea to jump.

Chapter 03: If you're having trouble with getting past the big gap after the first "node room," wait until the alternating flyers make their pass, but don't destroy the red wind blower until you pass the gap.

**Cheat Codes Already Leaked**
LIVESTRONG (first mentioned by "yErK") - Megaman wears a yellow LiveStrong band. Does nothing to the gameplay, just a little joke I put in.

DAMNCAT (first mentioned by "Lawton") - Gives you extra lives at the start of the game. Must be entered again after a Game Over.

BEASTIE (first mentioned by "neobender6") - Plays the "Sabotage" song by the Beastie Boys in Chapter 03 instead of the normal track.

FUCTUP (first mentioned by "sephiroth_ebonblade") - fire and absorb the polarity OPPOSITE of your shield color. Reverses the concept you already know.

And the Queen Mother of Cheat Codes:


TRIPLEZERO (first mentioned by "darrin777") - Play as Protoman, with a slightly different storyline!

**Time on front page, just for my own info:**
4-28-05 through 5-3-05

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Really good, finally beat this game

Man, I've been looking for that game since forever. It's just as good as I expected it to be! Good job, man.

like the good old times...


This game is AWENSENSOME!!!
AWENSOME gameplay,
and the passwort
to unlock potoman is: triplezero.