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Stick Slayer Episode Five

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For all you people saying, "Hurray! Kill the sticks!" Stick Slayer movies are still stick movies. ;)

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The Then Successful Saga

Is The Stick Slayer Becoming A Stereotypical Cash Cow With Bigger And Badder Effects?


It was so nice to have that CGI. It still holds up today! It looked like it fit in with the 2D part. I love the music too. That actually says, $6.66 for gas. Let's hope it never gets that high.

I liked how you became part of the cartoon as you launched the nuke. Then again, that wasn't something you were supposed to do. I really liked that scene where the yell just flies around. It sets up a pretty creative world. I guess this was the second of the intended last part?

OH MY GAWD....................

HOW COULD YOU!!!!!!??? $6.99 FOR A GALLON OF GAS!!!??? YOU MONSTER!!!!!!


you are voting THE best submissions to newgrounds. there was other place where they fraekin SALUTED sticks! can you believe that?! i cant!

critical bitches

all you are posting shits you can go to hell! this is damn nice.and all of you that dont like ben.....he is dead since 2009