Lina the VAMPIRE Ep. 2

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This is the second installment of the series, which as I've mentioned before, is made as gift to my mom each Christmas and was never intended for other audiences. This was last year's cartoon, and a few people managed to convince me to post both this and my new Larry cartoon earlier than I did last year. So here you go. A little outdated for "Kill Bill," I know, but the movie was still popular when I made it summer last year.

Also - I KNOW my Japanese is atrocious. All the phrases used are actually standard "where's the bathroom"-type phrases I grabbed out of a book. Fortunately, I took the time to learn the language earlier this year and can see how bad I did on this.


very good

to be honest, i think if it didnt have kill bill music in it i wouldnt've like it - however... you DID have kill bill music in it so i ended up getting into it and it turned out to be worth an 8. great job

U forgot Gogo

as i said before i love kill bill the movie but gogo u forgot about her i mean she's a godess a hot one !! p.s it was good


I laughed so hard at the end bit! great movie! much better then anyhing I can do, only problem was the voices where a little out of sync, but thats not much of a biggie.

I can see the improvement!

Who is lina based off of? She looks like she would be a real person. I now know there are now vampires as in mythical creatures but, I still love this seires, the action is getting better as is the art. I can tell that you were speaking random Japanese words and not actual sentances. I belive Google has a translator you can use if you desire to use real Japanese.

You trying to kill me?

Haha, my, huh, my belly is still a little bit convulsion affected... God, that was funny, part 1 too! Of course, it's twice as funny if you understand Japanese and know that these subtitles, or at least the majority of them, are wrong. It's just too funny to hear "It's delicious!" and read "The Ninjas are coming!" Usually, this message would be full of X's and D's, but that would be childish, not worthy of this godlike flash and far exceeding 4096 characters.

X to da motherf***ing D, hell yeah!

PS: Interactivity is rated 0 because this wasn't interactive, not because it is bad ;-)

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Apr 25, 2005
1:27 PM EDT