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Sonic Xtreme

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UPDATE_2 (Dec, 7, 2007): Hello guys, long time no see, I have been innactive on newgrounds for over one year due to personal and professional matters, I want to thank all of you for looking at my movies and specially this one that was my biggest movie I've ever made, I plan to work on future projects and perhaps I might even continue this story, thanks again everyone for your support. I would also like everyone of you to check out this drawing board at www.luneremix.com/remix

I would also like to tell everyone about the 3D-ish look, it just a smart way to set up the gradients on Flash and make them work all together, thanks guys for your PMs as well, I appreciate them, looking forward to all of you to watch my next hit!


UPDATE: Thank you so much for the daily feature, it means a lot after all this work, and I'm sorry if I did disappoint you with some animation or some music or some voices, I'll try to improove for the next, and drop your jaws.


(The true filesize is about 4.7MB, I don't know why it displays 7+MB)

Almost one year of work in this flash, the fla "was" about 967MB...

This is thefinal build of Sonic Xtreme, due to the fact that when I was working on Flash and saved my .fla, flash itself corrupted the file, and I cannot access the fla anymore, nor keep working on this project, that's why this is an early release of the unfinnished project of Sonic Xtreme, I'm really sorry about what happened since the movie ends while knuckles scene, I'm not sure if I'll continue it on another episode or something, but I cannot work on this anymore, I hope you understand. So this is it, I hope you enjoy what I was able to work, since this is the latest swf I had on my computer.

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Aw man, this is so awesome! I am so disappointed that you didn't make more of these. Not only is the animation incredible, but you have a great story going on here. I especially love Rouge in this. It's not just that she's really hot. Well, that helps.

Everything looked so gorgeous. You really created this unique world for Sonic and friends to be in. We get all these classic characters at their best! The atmosphere is incredible. The voices are wonderfully suiting too.

Haha, its cool to see Paul Ter Voode's name on this old Flash cartoon.

I remember seeing this a LONG time ago. Looking back on it, it's pretty impressive. That ripple effect in the water was pretty cool and I don't know how the animator went about doing it. The direction is pretty okay, though the ending was pretty abrupt.

thats my catchphrase bro sonics the name speeds my game your too slow come on step it up hey tails,knuckles long time no see shadow long time no see etc. all belong to me Sonic The Hedgehog


I'm impressed, no really, you've done an excellent job. Not only do you use shading, but it fits in with the old school style that was reminiscent in Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2. I see throwbacks to Sonic R and even Shadow is remaining true to character at least in the modern sense. Character movements are smooth despite using stiff object movement to represent animation. I dig the fact the characters almost walk like they had a wireframe. I don't know if the shading for anything but the main characters is appealing, nor do I think the texturing is all that great for background scenery.

Compared to most Sonic Flash, this one is original through and through. No sprites have been used, music has been done tastefully, and some effort has been given to overall choreography. No, I take that back, the choreography looks like something out of Sonic Adventure. This was a blast to the nostalgic past and I have you to thank for it. Great job and keep it up.