Death in Every Subway

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After watching the movie "Tube" (a mixture of "speed" and "die hard") I wondered if I could create an animation based on what I saw. Not exactly the same, though the main idea.
Yes i know, It has crappy "explosions"


Pretty Good Try

But there needed to be more... spice lolz i dunno it just needed to be longer lolz...

maybe more characters lolz

whewt! DDR 'A'....love that song.

that was a great animation, it was sad but sweet

Duztin-Cruz responds:

Im glad you loved the song, Couldnt find anything else to match the movie. Thanks for taking the time to review this animation.


way cool. so what happens next????

Ok, please continue!
you left off at a poor part, we need to see more
p-lease continue

what the fucking fuck??

what the fuck was that, i mean christ, the graphics were sorta good but the explosions ruined it the fuck up. the music was super annoying. come on! waste of time...


Well, I missed the violence, strong language, and gore. Seriously, whats up with getting our hopes up. Arsehole. This deserves every bit of blammming that comes.

Graphics: Meh. I've seen better, but I've seen worse.

Style: Wow, a movie trailer. You're unique. *Rolls eyes*

Sound: Nice music... Well, not really, but it's the only thing there, so...

Violence: OMG nothing.

Interactivity: Wow. A play button. Perfect. You deserve a 10. But I won't give you one.

Humor: LOLZ it sucks.

Overall: The lameness of this movie astounds me. Really.

If you want, Sydiot at hotmail dot com. Go ahead, try and rip my head off. I dare you.

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3.16 / 5.00

Apr 21, 2005
12:58 AM EDT