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Lock Your Doors

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my 6th newgrounds submission
well heres my latest flash toon. not much i can say about it so please enjoy.
reviews/comments are appreciated thanks.



Great music, average animation. Too demented for me to find it the least bit good. Yes you scared me, but you also disgusted me. Why make a flash about something so incredibly gruesome why are you so obsessed with the killer dragging the dead persons body around all over the place..... Freaking creepy....

I will, thank you

This reminds me a lot of Salad Fingers: dark, disturbing, and wholly enjoyable...if you like that sort of thing. Keep working on your drawing skills and submit another one soon.

Very David Firth-ish

Not that that's a bad thing...David Firth is a great animator, and your animation was great. The music fit, the animation was smooth, it was very creepy. The only thing I didn't really like about it was the leg movements...seemed a bit unnatural.

Hey, It's David Firth!

Well, if Firth didn't have any talent.
It's amazing how people can copy things so much and not even realise it. If you do know at least put it in your comments so people don't laugh at you so much.

You copied him right now to the "this is my 6th submission to Newgrounds"

You won't get anywhere if you steal your whole style/personality from someone.

taken from firth

Even though this isnt directly plagirized(sp?) its been made to be like david firths movies. Please take more time in making your next one when u are thinking about what u are going ot make it about!

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3.33 / 5.00

Apr 20, 2005
2:01 PM EDT
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