Drowtales 4th b-day

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Ariel of the webcomic Drowtales (http://drowtales.com) presents the news from the Underworld. This is a special 5-minute-long animation for fans of the webcomic, written by the webcomic artist, drawn and animated by me in about 17 days. The voice actors would appreciate constructive reviews as well.

The drow in this animation are not the Forgotten Realms/D&D drow -- these are the ones Kern writes about in his comic Drowtales, the comic of which is much more serious and harsh than this light-hearted animation implies.

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uhhh arent purple eyes EXTREMELY rare for drow to have? i swear... next thing youll be calling the character from forgotten realms drizzit >.> funny and stuff anyway


I wonder what's better, murderin' religious fanatism in a matriarchal society or daily news? Kind of a choice here...

XD funny

that was good. nice use of the "network" and the little sayings from the auidence
had me laughing almost throught the whole thing

Terrible source material, but not your fault.

Excellent work, but the comics it's based on are an insult to Drow (as described in Forgotten Realms literature) everywhere. I sincerly wish that Drizzt Do'Urden could get over there and smack that city so hard it ends up like Menzoberranzan after the War of the Spider Queen. If you don't know who Drizzt is, read about the Drow and not the cheap rip-off of the Drow. Lolth would not be pleased.


Really good video. Shame that drowtales is not entirely free.

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Apr 20, 2005
12:25 AM EDT
Comedy - Original