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Ninjer Time!

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Wow, I can't believe that this made it through to the Portal. I'm proud. Yet... Concerned.

Rather than submit 3 short shorts starring the same character, I decided to combine them all for your viewing pleasure. Special thanks to Mustard GT for his song, "Oriental Bounce."

Rate as you will.



I love Ninjas! What, no ninjas?! O_O Either way, great animation. An interesting concept, combined with good simple graphics and smooth movement. May be short, but it's still watch worthing. Keep it up!


not that good

This is not good at all, but it's not crap. The animation wasn't that good, but it was kinda funny when the ninja blew himself up. And the first bonus film is also okay, but the second one is just stupid.
And make another Kill Linkin Park. After watching the second one again it seemed actually funny, and not just crap.

I am very concerned for you and your well being...

This was honestly a piece of crap. No ifs, ands, or buts. One, if one would run around like that , you would notice him, two, ninja would not take that approach, even in the more decent ninja parody, in real, they would take a more direct, and discrete approach, killing much more silently and swiftly. three, this entire flash ('bonus cartoons') is poorly done and completely without a point. If you were bored and/or high when you made this, you could have done way better, if you were perfectly 'sane', very concerned about you, one so many levels. especially if you are over eight years old. and.....er....."ninjer"? You must have been high when you made this. get therapy and rehab, before you submit more flash.

Jipper responds:

Nothing in this review helps me become a better Flash artist. The point of reviewing is to give actual feedback, not to attempt to flame the artist. None of these points were valid. None at all. Please give thought-out reviews in the future.

you should be concerned.

that wasn't very good. the graphics were pretty shotty and it wasn't that funny.

Good Job :)

Its a bird I tell ya! A birrrrddd! lol keep up the good work

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2.99 / 5.00

Apr 19, 2005
12:14 AM EDT
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