RuneScape Guardians

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This is a movie intended for those who play the online game Runescape, and the ending shall be worked on a bit more in the very near future.

I really hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do.

Forgive the bad animation.

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Nice... And I already can tell the clan in this are much better than Varrock clan was... (Varrock clan members were horrible PVPer's and terrible at luring into Wilderness btw)... Solo before the EoC update at level 63 I took down a level 80, 70, 68 and 54 Varrock members solo... All because they didn't know how to combat correctly and they had completely crappy Prayer levels to mine(At the time was level 41 or 42).

Now after EoC I am a level 128 I believe or 129... I don't touch Runescape much anymore, however, due to the amount of new glitches with Runescape lately so I just kinda quit it for the time being. Plus I am trying to find a job and find really good RPG games(One example for Xbox is Avatar Eras Online... Where you can Cross-Class multiple classes and design the guy the way you wanna fight. My mage is a battle mage mixed with support mage, immense healing abilities and damage, good defense, high resistance vs debuffs, and moderate strength in case I have to melee).

Another amazing video! Yea the animation isnt the best but its a amazing story!

Nice vid!

lol I can't help but to think, aren't most adventurers like the baddys in this video? Just watch some guy kill a bunch of town guards and I think that counts as a massacre!

this doesn't concern me

i'm not in this war i fight for Guthix. Right now the only war his ppl are in is the banishment of Armdyl.


i went to the site and to fill out registration, it says my rs username is not real, or doesnt have 80 f2p, soemthing whats that about, do i have to be lvl 80? im only 73

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Apr 18, 2005
11:56 AM EDT