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Ascension to...Heaven?

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This is a Short Film about... well you should understand once you watch it. My aim here is to illustrate the point that one should not attempt to make any claims about the reality of something that one can never truly know...And that the situation i have Conjeured up could be no less likely than the Heavens that Orthodox Christianity may ascribe.
Please, no asinine comments, and Nothing saying "hey man dont make fun of my religion" Because.. well just dont. :)

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my exact thoughts.

human? angel? fallen angel?

do you realize, not once does the Christian Bible say that people become angels? it says angels and mankind are separately created beings, different from each other; I wonder where pop-Christianity started mixing up the ideas.


Nice film. :)

Something to think about...

I won't be critical and point out the bad points because that is not your aim. You obviously have a good message here. I could go on and on, but many have already said what I would have stated, so it's pointless.

To those who want to watch, I say do so. It's an eye opener for the narrowminded.

Decent flash. Argument from ignorance = religion

This was decent flash. As far as the message goes, I'm glad that there are some christians that are starting to realize that every religion is an attempt to reach for Higher Power and that MANY, even Christianity did not start out as historical but metaphorical. Fundamentalism ruined Christianity and turned some of us into bigots starting in the era of Constantine and all the way to present time. But some Christians are in love with the message of Christ from the Heretical collections as well as canical. Gota be open minded and admit the bible is just a human invention, but some of the writings attributed to Christ is beautiful, yet we must reject bigoted scriptures as well as claim to having a monopoly on higher power. I think any search for grace is beautiful so long as we are graceful in our search. Fundamentalism is a sickness.

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2.97 / 5.00

Jul 2, 2001
8:24 PM EDT