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Freedom in the UK

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Author Comments

Thought I'd do something a bit more intelligent than my last submission - though that's not to say that senseless violence won't return.


I liked it

I liked it but you dont seem to be making any more movies
come on bring out more flashes like "a short story"

Decent, but not a good entry for NG.

Basically just a bunch of screenshots of ebay. Try again with a topic involving more animation.

Very true.

It's funny how so many people THINK that total gun bans will stop crime. Take one look at Britain, people have to watch as armed gunmen rob them. Don't let the democrats take your guns away!

yeee, good stuff.

i like these sorts of toons that show how fucked up some parts of society are...
i think that the topic was good, and you've ended up with a pretty nice movie here IMO.
thre wasnt a lot made by you in terms of graphics or animation (a bit in the start) but the message was really good and you showed some good images/relayed some good info.
some of the text wnt by too quick at the end, thats my only problem. good work overall.
(THE THUMB: slightly up)

Good point.

if law abiding citizens cant have guns, what to protect yourself with? knives? if a criminal wants, they can have a gun. but good people wouldnt have one so it actually increases crime and makes criminals repeat. gunlaws suck in other words. great point. i agree totally.

if you have a gun toting criminal on ya, and you have no guns.....just knives..... basically, the governments are saying, "just give em all ur stuff." just like how schools say you should run away like a girl if somebody punches you. IT DONT MAKE SENSE!

sorry for rambling..... just..... GREAT WORK AND GREAT POINT!

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Credits & Info

2.41 / 5.00

Apr 17, 2005
7:10 PM EDT
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