The Apartment

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this isnt really an in depth game just somethin quick to pass the time i used flash and swift 3d to make it



You have setup the basis of a good game to revolve around this idea but this as itself just wasnt fun. This seemed to be more of a thing to work out the controls of actionscripting for a authors personal use then a game for the public, but i did like the inside look of your wokrings and the controls all seemed good, only thing i would fix up would be maybe having the legs move when the character moves.

(Kiss my ass XwaynecoltX)


This was like the most funny thing i have ever seen in like months, jesus christ dude you should totally make another!

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Good Start!

You should definately try to make a good game out of this
It has the potential, and it will definately be interesting
Try adding some plot or something, make the other characers react or something and this will soon make the frontpage!

Good job!


It's good but not to good it's gets boring after a while

r the dudes retards? they dont move.. too easy

this was entertaining for the first 20 seconds... the graphics were pretty good how u could knock everythin over and stuff. cant move left, that sucks, fix that. need maybe diff guns, some music, an actual storyline, and make it actually challenging.

overall not bad

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1.92 / 5.00

Apr 16, 2005
10:49 PM EDT
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