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Check out 'MTV News' and 'MTV 2 News' and 'MTV 3 News' and 'MTV 4 News' to tag along with this one.

This is my last MTV News for a while. So hurray for all the haters.


It is lunch time again! Come on you can do it!

More! More! More! LOL! You know you wanna! Spill those beans!

beaton responds:

That's right. It's lunchtime, and you were just itching to read what came next.

Dork, you have all the characteristics of a serial killer. You're obsessed, you conjure your friends from thin air, you're laughing to yourself right now, not realizing you're making a fool of yourself, and then there's your profile: "Message from GhostBear_74:
Ahhh Newgrounds. The only place where I can unleash my stress and be a complete Asshole. Thank you for saving my sanity!" - You clearly admit it right there, so enough said about that.

But for the rest of your profile, there is: Age: 31
Gender: Male
Habitat: Singapore
Job: Mechwarrior

You're 31 and you're a "Mechwarrior"? What's a Mechwarrior one must ask. Well, "Define Mechwarrior: MechWarrior is the general title of role-playing game based off of the fictional BattleTech universe, which started as a tabletop wargame. It later spawned the series of MechWarrior computer games and board game." - Yeah... A 31 year old Mechwarrior. Your father must have been proud... before he left you in a ditch, because that will bring me to your habitat; Singapore. Singapore? Where do I know this country from? Oh yeah, Worldvision, Dynasty International, and other charitable organizations. I sent you a pair of my old socks last month and saved you from the latest epidemic.

I'd make a flash about you, but that might postpone your inevitable suicide.

Having been a fan of the originals...

Im a bit dissapointed.....this was really...gross. MTV4 News also had its gross moments, but they were hilarious. My advice, stick to the same sort of concepts used in MTV 4 News, and you'll have a better film in future.

best one in the series.

Wow. This one rules, because it basically takes nearly every you've ever insulted (Good Charlotte) and twist them even more. Also, no 'Getting Goths High'! That was too disturbing for my tastes (Insert-pun-here).

beaton responds:

Thank you kindly. My flash planned for the future will contain overgrown genitals.


Check out all your series, its funny as shit. I tried to get your email but its not in your profile so Check this out, i've been looking to colaberate with someone on a new movie, your style of humor fits mine well, if your intrested, Email me. Check out my movie The Ant King 2 if you wanna check out my work.

beaton responds:

I watched ant king 2, its animated, unlike mine. Funny too. But no thanks, man. I'm not interested in an colaboration. I'm using flash off a trial and it's run out anyways.


To be honest, I haven't really checked out this series before. But I gotta tell ya, that was funny as hell. It reminded me of that one South Park episode. I'm watching the other ones right now! By the way, I think that people are writing bad reviews because it wasn't animated at all. Well, I say SCREW EM! Humor is all that counts in a great flash. Keep up the good work!

beaton responds:

Oh well, fuck 'em.

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Apr 14, 2005
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