the result of bordom

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so yeah this is the first episode of "the result of bordom" um origanaly it was a comic i drew than it evolved into a flash cartoon, now its growing up to be a series hahaha endless posibilities :P.... enjoy

also to anyone who thinks this is a salad fingers rip off your wrong!, soon as i made up all my characters befor id even heard of salad fingers, um iv got about 8 characters so far and working on a second episode... mind you it has a story and voices and way better animation, this one was more of a test..

oh yeah and im fully aware that there is suposed to be an "e" in boredom but i just wanted to spell it the way i have, im not a complete spaz hahahahhahah um yeah thats about it, thanks to all who have posted positive respomses im glad you liked it and there will be a site for it soon :)



I really enjoyed the music but appart from that the rest was pretty tiresome and repeditive. Maybe if you changed the style in which it was drawn it might look alittle better but other tand that it kinda sucks. And yes it does look like the animation follows the same principal as salad fingers.


bad... really bad. im sorry but this thing sucks. it does look alot like salad fingers and the spelling is just annoying. cool song though.

overall: CRAP

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well done

its a good job. well animated consider that you did the animation frame-by-frame, there are some things you could improve on like using more layers so that you don't mix main characters up with the background and get a whole cut and paste look. also if you are going to use layers to draw like hands and stuff, draw all the body part individual so you can get a more smoother look. all and all a good job and a sick animation.

One Word.

Meh. Yeah that about says it all.

good stuff

i think its alot better then the score reflects. quite creative and funny. loved the spider... keep it up

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2.57 / 5.00

Apr 14, 2005
6:16 AM EDT
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