Shteve and Colin

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This is sorta like star wars. 3 made it on so number 1 cant be crap. And trust me shteve fans if you dont watch them all you wont get the storyline

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it was all right, wasn't too great though

not bad

it was an alright flash movie, but it was a bit too short, really could've been longer.

Bloody good!

I liked it, the visuals could be notched up a bit and maybe it could be a bit better constructed but apart from that it was pretty good. Loved the story line...AND THE SONGS!!! OMGWTFBBQ! They were brilliant

that's what you get bitch...

not bad dude, not too shabby at all :) haha. very nice humor in my opinion, and i thought that it was going to get really homo there for a second when Shteve said 'oh, ok :)', haha.
i was pretty happy with the ending, but some things to think about: having screaming/evil laughter sound effects for the dark, more slashing sounds, and a more bloody outcome... also, the sword was only just poking into the wall, didnt look like it could hold him there...
anyhoo, now that you've made a few of these, you should start to take more time with the graphics and animation because they're still extremely basic if you ask me. so yeh, not bad, but room for improvement.

El-Sammo responds:

... wait wait... SHTEVES A STICK FIGURE! Oh god where did i go wrong

nice german background sound

but the game isnt hard- i could do it endless
had a score of 156, and its not hard to get, if u know how to kick the ball to do nothing ;]

El-Sammo responds:

...are you sure youve reviewed the right thing here... are you sure your not...high?

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2.96 / 5.00

Apr 12, 2005
4:43 AM EDT
Comedy - Original