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This is a little trailer for an upcoming series. The sound will probably be off unless you have a really fast computer, but don't judge it just on that.



Cool, what program did you use for the 3D effects?

EinsteinPenguin responds:

swift 3d

Hello hello

And may i ask you if i am find the place where i may see some more 3d stuff with your new designer tool? or maybe an address of some sort. I like to watch stuff cuz i got nothing better to do (just got out of rehab n the such). and this town sucks unless your on somthing. Danke.

EinsteinPenguin responds:

Hi, I'm going to submit the finished version that I didnt know I had....


could do with it being a little longer. You are seriously ace at swift 3D. They should use this for the opening screen for worms 3D it would suit it well. Nice job keep up the good work and make more. now. I'll look out for you in the future.

EinsteinPenguin responds:

Thanks, but now i'm heading into a different direction. I'm not using Swift 3D, but i'm using Maya (http://www.alias.com/eng/index.shtml) They use it in movies. I don't think I'll be posting much any more.

Based on then PC game,right?

Hey, this is gonna be based on all oif the PC and recently console games "worms" right? well i love the games, so good luck

EinsteinPenguin responds:

Ya it is, thanks.

Could be promising...

If you can keep the animation to that quality (very unusual to see decent 3D animation), and improve the sound, an animation (with a plot) of decent length could be quite amusing.

EinsteinPenguin responds:

I'll do that, but the next one will probably be short; these files are huge and they lag, so i'm submitting them in shorts.

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Apr 11, 2005
9:18 PM EDT
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