Chip & Dale Misadventures

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This is a quick joke that I refined after it was "pitched" to me. I find it absolutely gutbusting hilarious. All voices by me... except for Chantal Krezviack (whatever). Just a short, with the voice talents of Chip and Dale and their latest mis-adventures!

Edit: Whoops! I screwed up on document size, there fixed. I added subtitles for those that couldn't quite understand what chip and dale were saying. And Btw, who's to say that it's Chip and Dale? I just thought it works out this way is all.



What is the name of the song?

nixopax responds:

Chantal Kreviazuk - Leaving on a jet plane

Thanks for the review!

Well well well

The good ole uranus joke. hell even pluto was in there. you could have put more work into this, but it wasnt bad. keep tryin.

nixopax responds:

I know, those two jokes got tonnes of laughs outta me to begin with. You're right. I could've put more work into this. I should've, but I was starting to get annoyed with the planets.

It was kinda funny.

After watching a couple long bad flashes, I need a quick funny flash. This was one of my relaxing ones. It was short and it was funny. I liked the style and the quick bit of the Chip and Dale song brought me back. Keep up the good work.

nixopax responds:

Thanks for the positive review. I'm glad you finally got to see something funny.


That joke of Pluto was OK, but the rest... no good.

nixopax responds:

Well, you can't please everybody. At least I got you at the end though. Thanks for the review.


It was okay I guess, but it would be nice if it was longer.

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nixopax responds:

I don't think there would be much more to say really. Maybe I could've put in a couple more planets.

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3.48 / 5.00

Apr 11, 2005
1:41 AM EDT
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