The Core 3

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Daily 2nd! Thanks to everyone who liked the movie!

The Core 3 is here!!
It has 2 new modes, 5 new weapons and new 3D graphics. I put alot into this and I hope everyone who plays it will enjoy it!

Note: I removed the highscore tables because they diddn't work as expected.

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good work!

the graphics were great.
i liked the style alot
there was a nice selection of music
praticly zero violencee, wich is good, not all game need to be gore centered
it was pretty interactive, but i dident like ho wyou had to click excatly on the text to select a option.
wasent funny.
over all 9/10
Great Job!


If anyone would like to know the cool font he used, its one of my facorites.. I htink you can find it on Font Finder or whatever its called. The actual font is called "Space Age", great for techno sigs and games.

Very nice ^^

While I like the overall theme, (And as I might add ParagonX is one of my favorite artists) I as well appreciated different modes of play... and yes, they really were different. The weapons function was nice, as well as the speed and game engine... randimization for the bombs and such was nice... furthermore the controls were, yes, a bugger, but as a whole the game was very well made and wuite a wuality entry. I highly doubt the impervious music and sound selection should get any less then a ten ^^

Xeris@comcast.net. Email me with any questions ^^


Fun, but the controls a bugger

Im sorry while I quite enjoyed the game and teh coding and premis are very good I found that the control system was annoying enough to detract from my enjoyment of this flash.
My main problem was that when changin and speeding up directions it would act sluggishly and then jerk really fast. This became annoying as it didnt give me the ability to make split second dodges and resulted in acidents which I could clearly have aviod if I expect the sudden speed increase at the end of speeding up in a direction.
Otherwise the game is very well thought out if a bit slow to get the the harder levels. Keeping working on your games and youll do brillantly.

Very Good

The only things I fond lacking in the game, were: #1 a quality button, because it ran rather sluggushly on my old box. And #2 Mouse control would be a great asset to this game. I foud the keys made the control very slippery and I was not really about to achive what I wanted to.

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4.20 / 5.00

Apr 10, 2005
8:09 PM EDT
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