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So You're Going 2 College

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I made this short cartoon in a couple of days to submit to colleges as part of my portfolio. For some reason, I actually got into all the colleges I applied to. I guess subliminal messages really do work!


Why not an award?

You know, that was a very decent animation. It had a point, it had humor, it had sound, well drawn art. It had so many things that lesser animators on this site can only ever hope to acquire through prayer to the undying gods. This begs the question: WHY did you not win an award for this?

Seriously, this animation is better than some I have seen in the daily top 5. The sound was crisp and clear, and although quiet sometimes, fit perfectly with the style of your animation. The artwork was the same way. Although it was arguably simple, the effects you used and the style melded together well enough that the simplicity of your animation did not matter. Simply stated, you made a coherent flash animation from a technical standpoint.

From a non-technical standpoint, you made an animation that was entertaining. The jokes were classic, and heck, even true-to-life enough. The process you outlined was pretty much the one I used to get into college, though my essay writing process wasn't EXACTLY like the one you had, it was pretty close... That is, my brains did not splatter quite all over my written essays making about 20% still useful.

Overall what I am truly surprised about is that this animation did not receive some sort of award. Animations of this calibre should not be allowed to simply slip into portal obscurity with the likes of forgotten CC members and fat-badger. I suppose I should simply say that this injustice did not go unnoticed, and if nothing else, you at least have my vote of appreciation.

good show!

it was real classy and straight forward.

i like your style

Subliminal Messages Revealed

I Was Able To Find Several Subliminal Message In Here, The Most Obvious Is The Scribbly "5" That Keeps Showing Up Amongst The Scratchy Film Effect In The Upper Right Hand Corner Of The Screen, Another Was After It Metioned The Cubicle It Flashed "Faggot Alert!" In Bright Red On The Bottom Of The Screen For A Single Frame. There Were Several Most But I'm Sure Anyone Else Reading This Can Find Them With A Single Viewing Like I Did.

awwwww man fo real

is this the real mc chris or a damn fake?

stealmyinternet responds:



In your collage application why where u tlking about alligaters and heroin

stealmyinternet responds:


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3.66 / 5.00

Apr 10, 2005
3:12 PM EDT
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