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SS Time Trials 5

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Hello there Newgroundites! Today we present to you the 5th time trial in this epic series. Today's theme is "Current Events", so sit down and prepared to be blown away.

Fun Facts
Frame Rate: 24 fps
Frames: 4068
Time Taken: 3 months

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Awesome intro!
Joobie: Alright
Aubergine: *CHUCKLE* Oh yes I remember that twat. He's native American BTW and yet he's a nazi.
MP3 LOCK: uh... WTF is that? Yeah I vaguely remember what happened in Toronto but the drawing made it hard to remember. And they say LA is crazy
Chrome: Oh there's that nazi nut again. Oh boy.

Some of the best guys

I can understand why this won the "Review Crew Pick" award and it is about time I gave a 10 to one of these submissions. It is pretty sad how TheStarSyndicate name is not even on this submission. Highlights were hearing the "Numa Numa Dance" song sped up with the Pope one. However, the best one was the one by AubergineLock. I think it may in fact have been the first time I ever heard that gay bar song. It was also great that you satirized current events, which is actually kind of rare for the Star Syndicate.

To the below guy

The other guy that died and was on the animation was terri schiavo lols. Another good TT!


Well first thing i noticed was that you guys had picked up an award for this the fifth installment so congrats on that, i also noticed that you have decided to take three months this time, i think thats the longest time to date that you guys have given yourselves so lets see what you have got here:

J00bie: Starting off the group again i see, Well i thought it was alittle shocking myself that the pope died but then again he was pretty old, and i dont know who the other guy is but it doesnt matter i get what you were going for here, and that song was just meant for such an occasion 8/10

AubergineLock: Well you guys used this song in the last TT, but i thought that the music video was alot nicer done this time around and i liked how you mixed it up into the gay bar song, this actually has to be my favourite short from you guys so far from the series. 9/10

TwoStar: Another refrence to the pope's death im guessing that this was done right around the heat of the time, i like the april fools joke here, alittle blue but i have to admit that i laughed 8/10

Mp3_Lock: Loved this song when it was used in the austin powers film and although i dont live anywhere near Toronto i kinda got the joke even though the background and the person was drawn pretty badly. 8/10

Chrome-: Wow, i thought it was a matter of time before you guys tried to ruin my ears with some over extorted song but hey it was all good, who was that guy that you were poking fun at in this flash?, i liked the background those shades of blue were quite nice. 7/10

(Hamy_jamy isn't even suppose to be here today)

Wasn't too bad...

I liked the flash by Aubergine... better than quite a lot of collaborations on NG.

(and no i shouldn't be shot, my reviews are fair like this one i think you'll agree)

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3.34 / 5.00

Apr 10, 2005
8:38 AM EDT
  • Review Crew Pick April 13, 2005