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SS Time Trials 3

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The swell folk at the Star Syndicate bring you another Time Trial! Today the theme is the "Fall Of Communism".

Frame Rate: 24 fps
Time Taken: 48 hours

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Well this was the first of the series to actually have a cool menu and opening i mean that michael jackson song suited the feel really well;

JetNinjin: Big step up in the quailty of your submission this time around, i thought that the character designs were cool and the different backgrounds and pacman reference made this enjoyable 9/10

TwoStar: Well it was all about the variants of the Colgate toothpaste in this short, although i thought the first little skiing scene was pretty sweet it didnt last very long and you switched to the toothpaste too quickly and just held that shot. 7/10

Chrome-: Well this was so crazy i mean the pictures and words were moving so fast that i didnt even have time to even make sense of either of them, i thought that the music selection was also well chosen but what made this had to be that fading into white effect you had going on. 8/10

J00bie: Darn, i knew it was just a matter of time before one of these were used as a short, i was so looking forward to the use of the batman opening too, oh well if i wanted anyone to do it it would have been J00b so in the end i guess it was funny, but dont deny me a batman short again please. 7/10

SmellyPeturson: Just as i was talking about the ruined batman opening you nearly delievered a full version in this one, i thought that the graphics were alittle dull but the animation was smooth and you did use more then a second of batman opening so good work with this 8/10

(Hamy_jamy isn't even suppose to be here today)


I agree with StarberryClock! This was excellent, easily one of your best collabs! However, my only problem was that the flash had to be closed/rewound in order to access the main menu again. Thankfully you solved this in later instalments of the TTs. 5/5 though! :D


this is a classic piece of internet cinema.

LMAO @ j00bie's entry

LOL, gr8 stuff. Best one's had to be j00bie (piclownjew was there omgwtfbbq), Happyleetghost (very flowing animation) & Chrome- (ultra random =p)

I'm Looking forward to the next SS Time trial =)


And ppl say the clockcrew is crap...?