Phillipa!!! Denina!!!

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I most deffinitly fixed it up, so be sure to whatch the whole thing!

I made the animation to a favorate comedy sketch I love, performed by The Vestibules. If you don't appreciate the animation... at least laugh it up and enjoy the comedy!

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no music ?

where was the music there ..i thought hey this is pretty funny till it got repeatitive...........7

hahaha nice one

you sound like group x. that was well funny haa

ZeoIsGone responds:

once again, I didn't record this. but that was stupid I know... from now on I'm not gonna go that route and am only gonna be my own voices (enless it's a music video)

Kinda repetative...but funny indeed

Even though the animation kinda sucked, it was funny. The voices and such produced quite a chuckle. Yet, after some time it did get a little old. not bad though.

ZeoIsGone responds:

Yeah, the animation did suck didn't it? Sorry about that... at least I can say I did my best for a first, but now I know I'm doing much better in flash. Eventualy I'll figure out my own style and stick with it... so if new grounds can just stick with me for a little while, I'll develope some really good stuff I bet.

Thanks for the review, I'm always happy to reply :-D


Graphics arent to good but the Humor and style makes up for it you get a 4 =P

ZeoIsGone responds:

Yeah... My Graphics are slowly getting better, I won't be submitign stuff THIS crapy anymore... I'm gonna work harder and got st8 for the big scores, I want at least a 3.5 on my next toon. Thanks for the 4!


the voices got on my nerves, the drawing wernt to good.
the idea was good but your problem is is the drawings and the graphics. youve really got to try to draw better, it would get such more of a higher mark from and most probobly a hell of alot of ppl!
dont see this as abusive, this basically helping points and not dissing points, so next time you submit something, make sure its a quality thats alot higher than this and then you will get a gr8 score!
Keep at it!

ZeoIsGone responds:

I tottaly see your point... This was my first toon, and insted of taking the time to re-do it compleely when it was bammed the first time, I just added to what I already had (the origanal one cut off @ the eye, so I added mouths... and such)

So I know where you coming from... I honestly SHOULD have and intend to compleatly re-do it. For now, I'm just glad I have a toon on Newgrounds... But expect better, new stuff from me. And in the meantime, keep on holding n00bs like me to a higher standerd, that rocks. Thanks

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4.05 / 5.00

Apr 8, 2005
8:00 PM EDT
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