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This is my first ever tweend flash so i dont blame u if u hate it please reveiw thogh so i know wat i need to improve on thanks mikel


My name is suicida commando

it was good, but (this may be my comp) it was a little laggy in parts. the music was good.... for awhile. have a little techno/rock/intense/myeterious mix. i know thats a very detailed thing, but i think that using music maker or GarageBand will help you make better music if you like making your own.
make it longer- and SLOWER- honestly, i missed the point entirley.
were is he? why? where the boss? what does he do? etc etc etc.

Good, but these will make it better
in my opinoin. Rock on man.

ugh... music

change it to a hyped up rock song or something so it suits the action if u do that ill definitly watch the upcoming episodes

okay has potential

I think what you needed to do was one change the song because that personally SUCKED I mean it doesn't fit the action or the story what so ever it just upset me. If you change the song and did something different instead of what everyone else has done with fighting movies in the past I hope that the action is a little better than a few. I hope to see this get better when it actually comes out.


as i once saw on a funny picture ;- yuo is teh suck

nothing happened

your sotry was great and the tweens were great but nothing really happened in it so i gave u a 6

and how do u do those fading to black tweens???? i hav never found out how

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2.30 / 5.00

Apr 8, 2005
11:48 AM EDT
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