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Altered Beast VGDC/RAZOR

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This movie is a collaboration between myself and Rob Foor of Razoric.com.

We would like to say a little bit about why we made this movie.

Randy: The first time I played this game I thought those two guys were a little funny. Walking around all naked doing "Roid balls". So it was only a matter of time before I spoofed it. Did you know you can make the bears hump in level 3? Try it. Put player 1 over player two, duck and hit the punch button. wow.

Rob: I wanted to spoof Altered Beast because it's funny how such a great game can also be so damn cheesy and 'flaming'. ;0

NEXT UP: RAZORIC.COM AND VGDC bring to an end the differences between the plumber and the hedgehog....

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After 18 years this is still my favorite!

This wasn't one of Randy's best. I still like how there were two different versions. I think Razoric's one is better, though. Randy's seem a bit anti-gay. Yeah, I'm probably looking into this too much. I do in fact remember this game.

The bit with Zeus was the part that stuck out the most. I just love that raining men song. I guess that is more associated with gay guys nowadays. Collabs are always nice. Why wasn't Razoric credited in this?

i have sonics ultimate genesis collection and it comes with altered beast


good show, they were planning to make a newer recent game, but it got scrapped, also, it first appeared on the sega master system! POWER UP!


the VDGC version was better, overall, it's okay i think, did get a little giggle out of me