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The Child That Smelt Odd

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The real title should be "The Child That Smelt Funny" but it wouldn't fit.

Alright people here's a rather long one for you (don't complain it was orignally much longer) it's not a dark nasty one so don't expect to feel ill or uncomfortable. Yes the character as the start is Jim, I used him because I recently scrapped Fat-Pie 4 (I hated it!) and disappointed a few people so I thought I'd put him in his first Flash. Anyway all I can say is that it's long, my longest flash yet. Enjoy it.

Thanks to Afro_Ninja for the actionscript help.

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well I would never say this, but this satire is good, and also serves as a prediction to the funas!!!


Seriously, this is an underrated classic. The way people get up-in-arms about blaming the media for people doing stupid things is ridiculous. We are all responsible for our own actions.

davids sense of dystopian surrealist humour never dies


An all time favorite of mine. I thought I'd come watch it again for ole nostalgia's sake. I was pretty young when I watched this so it was just mere comedy to me. Like, Jaykboy, below me said. This flash essentially nails what South Park strictly portrays one satirical episode after another. This is an excellent flash amongst many of your others, Doki! Whatever else you throw out there, Mr Firth, I'll be watching it.