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The original Maelstrom was made by Ambrosia Software in 1993 (www.ambrosiasw.com) and I decided to redo it in Flash, as my first real game programming experiment. If you don't like classic gaming or have some unfounded hate for Macs, don't play.

Except for the fact that you can't reconfigure the controls, and some loss of graphics (like the rotating ship), this is a perfect translation of the original Mac game.

High scores are for your local machine only (at least for now). Have fun, and good luck!



i used to love this game on my old mac, but we got rid of it. then i found this, its an exellent remake and brilliant game. should have got a MUCH higher score and front page.

well done

I LOVE Maelstrom

This game did NOT get the exposure it deserved. I am disapointed in that. It's a pitch perfect recreation of The Mac version and is now my new favorite game here. This is something I can keep coming back to an play evey now and again. I realy love the high score feature. It allows me to keep trying to beat my best.

I hope you are going to fix it up and get rid of the bugs though. I'd really appreciate it. One that I didn't see mentioned is after you get a shot upgrade ( three-way, machine gun) sometimes an asteroid doesn't stay blown up it goes unsubstantial and keeps roaming around for level after level. Even when you start a new game it can stay around. The only sure way to erase it is to close the window and restart. (though they ahve dissapeard on their own if I leave it long enough. Not sure why)

Another thing is when you hit an asteroid sometimes it doesn't blow up. Also, the shield and the fire button are a bit far apart. It would be more convenient if you made it the space and the alt button instead of ctrl.

Still, all in all, a great job man you should remake another one. It'd be sooo cool if you could remake EV perhaps. The original might fit into here...

Ba, actually that would never work as there's no way to save the way you'd need to (as far as I know). Still you should remake more Ambrosia games.

Again, wonderful work!!!

Winthawk responds:

Yeah, I think it should've gotten a little more exposure too, but I have a knack for uploading on days where my competition is some masterful work by a huge team of artists.

I have wrestled with that ghost asteroid bug since the game's inception and I still can't figure out how to fix it. Drives me batty, it does!

good one

wicked game, but i wont bother mentioning the bugs that i found, since other people did too.... big shame that there are bugs in such a kickass game.
oh well, either way, i still had a lot of fun playing this one.

bugs found!

First of all, let me congratulate you. You have just made my day. The Duran Duran concert I'm going to tonight could not have made me happier than finding my favorite game in flash form on the internet. To quote Apu, "Oh my various gods!" But I digress... I found some bugs for you to fix. I picked up the stabilizers, the item which makes your ship slow down. However, after I completed the wave, they disappeared. They did not reappear until wave 12. At wave 12, not only did I have stabilizers, but my bullets would not fly any further than the tip of my nose. And it stayed that way for a long while. Unable to shoot anything, I let myself die. Bug number three, I did not reappear. The game played on, but there was no me. I turned on the thrusters and could hear them, and then apparently an invisible me crashed into something, something which took no damage. I did not lose a life either, and I did not reappear yet. Could not fire, and objects passed through the center of the screen many times without running into anything invisible. Perhaps you should get this bug fixed, I would hate to be stuck at wave 12. And might I ask, how did you do this? You are a hero among men!

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Winthawk responds:

I'll look into the issues, thanks for telling me about 'em.

perfect reacraetion of a good game

but when u press x shouldnt u get
"Every woman
Has a piece of Aphrodite
Copulate to create
A state of sexual light
Kissing her virginity
My affinity
I mingle with the gods
I mingle with devinity"

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Apr 7, 2005
5:19 PM EDT
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