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I know it is NOT FINISHED... I've been very busy and don't know when I will get back around to finishing this toon up. I thought I would put what I have done up for you guys.

It is quite long and when you get to the music part it's pretty dull. Just FYI.

OH YEAH>> The Lip sync is not complete... I know the lips go haywire... That is what is not finished mostly and the music video at the end.



So at the end bongo bumps wall head pops out and notices he peed himself if it was finished, right? Anyways very funny.


Yeah,glitches.Ya know,with the way the guys talk...Other than that I rate this a 10.W00T!

This is just like homestar

This looks just like a copy of homestar runner and his gang. I mean it looks like you copied the even with the main guy who cant talk right. I would advise you dont do this again casue its just crappy and stupid.


Much better than shortbus part 1, i hated that.. Now i see it was just because it was un finished. I'm really glad i got to see bongo eat his head! :)

Not the greatest, but full of effort

looks like much effort was put into this. Character development, animation, voices, everything. Of course there many flaws in this cartoon.

Graphics - very well done cartoon graphics but it needed more movement. Make things go along faster, to keep the viewer interested.

style - you have a nice cast full of characters and voices, it had syle. But you should add more characters such as the teachers, bullys, other people to build some plot then just a bunch of people acting stoopid.

sound - the sound was fine, but for a cartoon, you need to reaaaaly dramitize the voices. Make their voices dramatic and exciting, these were sort of dull.

violence - not much in the cartoon other then the knife throwing. It wouldn't hurt to add some.

Humor - there was quite of bit of humor in this, but there needs to be more. Like I was saying for voices, make it more dramatic. Put random expressions on their faces at all times. Make some real crazy faces to really make this cartoon far more interesting.

This has a LOT of potential and I'm sure the next episode will be better.

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3.47 / 5.00

Apr 6, 2005
10:11 PM EDT
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